C. Perez of Pastel Voids, “The Day Starts Here Mix”

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If the Internet’s void is not singular but a labyrinthian network of dark sink holes, the experimental dance label Pastel Voids has made a happy house within their allotted abyss. Founded by Charlie Perez, who performs under the moniker Metropol, Pastel Voids is a collective based around the idea of music as a coping mechanism. The label runs a live wire from Portland to Brooklyn, providing a platform for experimentalists from both cities to channel their hardwired techno explorations.

Listed here as C. Perez, “The Day Starts Here Mix” is the founder’s intro to let you know. Perez invited friends and collaborators to submit tracks to the mix be they unreleased or even unfinished. The mix runs the gamut of the Pastel Void’s palate, which includes the three cassettes released today by Fish Narc and Los Gatos. Regular  PV collaborator Nathaniel Young of Blankstairs commented on Perez’s label, stating that “many of the projects released on Pastel Voids accomplish simply one thing, presentation of a raw and unbashful perspective on the voyage that is called life.” With sample flips of Eric B & Rakim’s “I Know You Got Soul” into techno terrain and collaborative works from past Friday Night contributor U.S. Hard, “The Day Starts Here Mix” is an effervescent breath in the morning that provides the motivational propulsion to never rest as the sun and moon swap roles.

“The Day Starts Here Mix” tracklisting:
01 Metrohard,­ “Alianza”
02 Metropol, “Suspect Hour”
03 N. Young, “Untitled 57”
04 Metropol x qop, “Untitled”
05 Jonny Oso, “Get Out Of My House”
06 U.S. Hard / Contemporary, “Disko Loop”
07 Dream City, “Down 2”
08 Metropol, “You Know We Got Soul”
09 Fish Narc, “Saturn”
10 U.S. Hard / Contemporary, “Ex Vision”
11 Jonny Oso, “Talkin’”
12 Fish Narc, “Draino”
13 Metropol, “Half Court”
14 Dream City, “Forward”

For more from Pastel Voids visit the label’s Soundcloud.