Cabinet of Natural Curiosities full of dream catchers, bear traps

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Cabinet of Natural Curiosities is the brainchild of songwriter and visual artist Jasmine Dreame Wagner. The Cabinet is also full of other artists contributing the flesh to her sparse, wistful, psychedelia-tinged Americana.

A Brooklynite, Wagner's Searchlight Needles dropped in June on For Arbors. The record is a long-playing lullaby that detours into night tremor noise interludes. It recently inspired an exceptional afternoon nap, not because it's boring, but because it's soothing and sparse, with those more chaotic tremors less like dream catchers, more like nightmare bear traps.

CoNC, “For Sparrow”

CoNC, “Owl Lullaby”

CONC was kind enough to send us over two new tracks, proving she's not just about bird songs.

CoNC, “Keep A Light On”

CoNC, “Valentine”

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