Caleb Stone, “Armadillo Mix”

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What do Nocando, Slug Christ, Kilo Kish, Mike G of Odd Future, and iloveMakonnen all have in common? Answer: they’ve all worked with Los Angeles producer Caleb Stone.

The former math-rocker of Professor Calculus, a distant moniker that haunts his Twitter and Soundcloud in abbreviation, debuted as a producer in 2009 with the Sleepy Bitches beat tape. Since then, he’s quietly amassed a body of work that includes collaborations with Odd Future, singles with Awful Records brethren, a partnership in the group Dream Panther, the stunning Across EP with Kilo Kish, and the debauched Sex Quest EP series with Speak. The work amounts to craftsmanship of blissful pop excursions on one end of the spectrum and the codeine haze of midnight terrors in nihilist rap at the opposing pole.

As of late kids en masse are tweeting “when the cocaine drip, might cop me a house, might cop me a whip” in admiration for “Cocaine Drip”, the debut single of Stone’s new group Armadillo. Stone linked up with shoegaze, shred master Justin Tolan, pka Monochrome Sweatsuit, to form Armadillo. The duo recorded in a four-day flurry in Denver and as a teaser to the project, Stone curated the “Armadillo Mix” comprised of snippets, collabos, and rough sketches. Stone offered words on the “Armadillo Mix” below:

Shred gaze guitar master Justin Tolan and I have been making music via the Internet for the past two years. We recently decided to link in person for the first time and recorded a 25 song album in four days in Denver. We decided to call the band armadillo for personal reasons.

All the songs in this mini mix are from various stages of Armadillo’s inception.

Stay tuned for the Armadillo debut and rumors of a Sex Quest 3 EP.