Calez talks Kid With Raps

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Chicago's Calez graced the radar in final quarter of 2011 with “Caution”, a track that made good on its word to inspire handouts for ass-kickings. “Caution” put the 19-year old's debut on our watch list. The week following the celebration of his 20th birthday, Calez dropped Kid With Raps, a 16-track debut almost entirely produced by the youngster. The album is the product of long hours logged at the weirdest hours. By day Calez has janitorial duties, but in the evening hours he is on his rapping shit.

We sent a few quick questions for Calez to answer, in order to shed further light on Kid With Raps. Check out the review below and be sure to download Kid With Raps courtesy of Ruby Hornet/ 2DopeBoyz.

Why did you chose a photo of you at the laptop for you album cover? Being a bit older, I never expected to see a laptop on a rap album's cover art.

Thats my room where all of the work was created to the beats, lyrics, and recording. Everyone's like bugged out about the laptop I felt like it was just me I wasn't trying to be cool and shit I was trying to capture the album in a picture. It's times when I'm sitting in that spot until 6am in the morning working on music. I felt like it was appropriate.

Besides Flosstradamus, UG and Julian Malone who did production on Kid With Raps?

I did the rest of the beats that aren't credited on the album.

The album strikes me as being deliberate in creating a mood and cohesion in the sound. Going in did you have a concept or soundscape you wanted to achieve or did it come together over time that you saw the direction? What did you look for in a beat?

I looked for weird sounds and hip-hoppy ass drums mostly haha. I went in with the mind set of creating something I would listen to and I would enjoy and felt like my fans would too.

Your 20th Birthday was last week. What did you do to celebrate?

Had a listening party for the album, didn't really celebrate my birthday but it'll pay off soon.

What was the first track you wrote for Kid With Raps?

“Middle Finger”.

Was there a track in particular that after you made it, you started to see the album's direction more clearly?

After I made “Intermission” I knew that it wasn't the straight early hip-hop breaks I wanted. I knew I wanted to switch it up a little but at the same time keep it relatable with the other songs and flows. When I made that I kind of saw that it was almost complete

Is the first verse of “Optimum” completely autobiographical? It feels as though you go to a deeper place on that record.

Yes it is the sum of the album. It explains the cover also, Im so passionate about this and I won't give it up I'll do whatever it takes to make it.