California Funk: Rare 45s

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california funk

For those of you that must perform sun dances in order to conjure the golden rays from behind those gray clouds, nothing helps bring on the sun like funk music. I'd venture to say that California funk is the best format to get results, which is what makes California Funk: Rare 45s from the Golden State an essential purchase.

Put out by the always digging, always pleasing Now & Again Records, California Funk will mend all levels of funk absence or deprivation by putting an aura of funkdafied vibes around your soul. It's a crime these 45s are rare, as these choice cuts would please both the casual listener who dabbles lightly in funk, stopping at George Clinton and James Brown, or a soul brother in need of those funky drummer breaks, Moog organ punches and cool cat grooving basslines. The names will be obscure, but the vibes are all familiar. Be it a heavy James Brown influence or a truly inspired cover of Marvin Gaye's “What's Going On”, this record is a compilation masterpiece – and this is coming from a guy who thinks compilations are for housewives.

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LA Bare Faxx, “Super Cool Brother”