Nocando drops “Hurry Up & Wait” Remix

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Nocando took the words of Prodigy of Mobb Deep to heart. Now that he's established himself and his label, he's putting all his people on board. Step one is re-introducing the posse cut remix.

Nocando's Hellfyre Club imprint is slowly becoming a dominant force on the west coast. The Hellfyre Club tour is still in progress and with this remix dropping, the group has an official anthem to perform as a unit. The “Hurry Up & Wait” Remix features Open Mike Eagle, Dumbfoundead and Intuition with Murs making a special appearance. As a part of the Living Legends crew, Murs was a leader in independent hip hop in the L.A. communities. This remix feels like a passing of the torch to the Hellfyre Club.

It's a tough call to say who killed it, but the L.A. Times is giving it to Dumbfoundead. It's odd enough that the Times allotted 300 words of informed web space to the song's premiere, but having the intuition to pick out the stand out performance is just flabbergasting. Although with Dumbfoundead framing the concept in layman's terms with “life is so hurry up and wait, like waiting on my weed connec to bring my fucking eigth,” it ain't hard to tell who's on point.

Nocando's Jimmy The Lock is out now on Alpha Pup.

Nocando, “Hurry Up & Wait” (Remix feat. Murs, Intuition, Open Mike Eagle & Dumbfoundead)