Car Seat Headrest, “I Can Play The Piano”

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nervous young man

Whether you're a fan of the handcrafted tunes of the Bandcamp underground or you're a proponent of all overblown ballads with expressively written guitar lines that mimic melody lines perfectly, an out-of-nowhere contribution from Car Seat Headrest, “I Can Play The Piano”, is going to be your track of the day. Sent to me out of the blue from a perfect stranger, Car Seat Headrest is the kind of find you'd never make on your own, unless you were scouring the internet for new nuggets of bedroom music to tune out to. The track reminds me of some of the best Rufus Wainwright, but with a softer, more pillowy side, one that adds mounting guitar lines to good effect and piano that is both warm and intelligent. Not that this should always be brought up, but it is important to note that these songs were written while Will Toledo was between the ages of 17 and 21. Maturity beyond his years. Listen to “I Can Play The Piano” below, and then click through for the rest of the twenty-song album—an ecclectic, full, songwriter-driven self-release.