Cascine’s “So Goddamn Guilty Summer Mix”

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Jeff Bratton, founder of Cascine Records, works damn hard to discover the the latest in a niche of pristine alternative pop from around the globe. The idea of the label began to take form during winter walks in Stockholm and Florence, over noodles with mates in California, until finally the establishment soldified in New York City and London offices. Well traveled since birth, Cascine communicates with the global pop community, it’s roster spanning down to New Zealand, Greece, Sweden, the UK, Nashville, and everywhere inbetween. It’s a roster that proves brilliant pop music can come from anywhere, the requirement of living in beacon cities of cultural affluence is an industry myth.

In his downtime in the office Bratton curated the “So Goddamn Guilty Summer Mix”, a collection of Cascine favorites within the label and outside the roster. Included is a sneak peak into the upcoming Lemonade album with “Minus Tide” and an unheard version of Yumi Zouma’s cover of “It Feels Good To Be Around You” by Air France.

In July Cascine will team up with industry pals Arbutus, Ghostly, and 100% Silk for what they are calling the Cascine & Friends Tour, a mini-trek through North American cultural hubs New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Check out the flyer below.