Guerilla Toss, “Cookie”

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guerilla toss, 367 equilizer

Guerilla Toss, our favorite primal freak out pals, are at it again. “Again” is a weird word to use here, because the Boston outfit has been churning out maelstrom after destructive maelstrom of rhythmic noise for a while at this point. The newest single from their upcoming cassette 367 Equilizer, “Cookie”, is probably the best indicator of Guerilla Toss’s sound to date. It expands upon the bastardized disco-funk of last year’s Gay Disco while also paying homage to the no wave debauchery of their earlier releases.

The song begins with sliding bug guitars, textural synth, and tinny drums before collapsing into a twisted storm of fucked up funk. As always, Cassie Karlson provides the high pitched vocals that jungle dreams are made of. It’s weird, it’s disconcerting, it’s everything I’d hope to hear from Guerilla Toss and more.

The 367 Equilizer cassette is out on July 15 via Infinity Cat Records, as part of the label's Cassette Series (curated by Diarrhea Planet's Casey Weissbuch). Or course, you don't have to wait until the 15th to hear it, since they'll be playing our summer festival on July 12.