Challenger, “Life In The Paint” (Jesu Remix)

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The story goes that Challenger was born out of scoring the film Not Waving But Drowning, written and directed by the band's Devyn Waitt. John Ross, another integral part of Challenger, heard something more in those compositions. “Life In The Paint”, with its emo sample and early aughts indie rock fabrics of hushed vocals and The Postal Service-esque sonics, is off The World Is Too Much For Me – the record born of those attic sessions. All that restraint coupled with singing of the fall being in near or perhaps even here, after that aggro sample demands “break up your fucking heart” sends us a decade back, to an era we can hardly believe was a decade ago.

Today we debut a Jesu remix, which is making our Aughts flashbacks all the more vivid. We can't quite place the last time the post-metal band graced our news feed. Jesu drop the aggro sample to place all emphasis on the constellation gazing that sproughts from those tender licks. The sparse ivory keys blink through the song like shooting stars, making the fall feel as though it will come from an even greater height than Ross originally imagined.

Challenger's The World Is Too Much For Me is out now.