Chrome Dome, supervillains of the synth

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chrome dome

Sure you could just say, “this is Liars with synths and a girl.” But that would be lame.

This is what super villains blast from their nuclear submarines right after they've pirated the world's FM radio stations and announced their intentions to blow up the western hemisphere unless 70 billion dollars and 70 virgins find their way into an offshore bank account for digital transfer to a secret outpost on the north face of the moon by sundown and he's not fucking around, you realize, as he hits play on his underwater walkman just before blasting off in a one-man rocket and Chrome Dome's sinister tune buries the world in total horror and grinding despair.

The end is near. Chrome Dome have arrived.

Chrome Dome, “Topped”

“Topped" is the lead-off track on the Australia-based trio's full length, out now on Lexicon Devil.