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chrome wings

Portland's Chrome Wings is an experimental noise outfit that pits field tapes against a behemoth industrial pulse to knock you square off your cloud.

As unnerving as noise rock can be to those not equipped with elephant skin and a masochism for aural punishment, Chrome Wings teeter that line between crass and catchy – assuming this is a pre-existing line. Amidst the steady feedback drone, the caterwaul of cacophony and the esoteric keys, Chrome Wings reel in the weirdness with blip-beat breaks and 8-bit sampling. Each time the barrage of deafening reverb roars feels unbearable, the band escapes into a vacuum of soothing, distant drone and day-dream vocals.

Chrome Wings' self-titled debut is challenging enough for the noise purists to get their jollies off on ear-bleeding textural noise and tender enough for the casual ear of curiosity to listen without suffering a hemorrhage.

Chrome Wings is out March 4 on Sohitek Records.

Chrome Wings, “Boppin Gophers”

Chrome Wings, “Hexed”