Cough Cool, “Good Nothings”

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cough cool

Cough Cool, moniker of Philadelphia's baseball-loving Dan Svizeny, put out his second full-length LP through Bathetic in June, and though the album was a complete, well-structured listen, b-sides have begun to spring up. Never one to sit around and wait years for the next output, Svizeny spontaneously released “Good Nothings” today—another experiment in the disinterested, ennui-filled voice that Cough Cool is known for. Peppered throughout the track are short bursts of fuzzy guitar, and it seems that this track is as good as any to have appeared on 29, though it's likely that a Rarities Volume 2 will be coming in the near future.

Cough Cool will be making an unlikely exit from the boudoir this fall to play at Asheville's Foogmess (a riot against the too-expensive Moogfest in the same town) on October 18.