The Fatty Acids, Boléro

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The Fatty Acids Boléro

Milwaukee's The Fatty Acids are back with their third record in six years. Normative pace? Probably. On Boléro though, The Fatty Acids tap into a swirling freakout of pop exuberance that escalates each jam into a jamboree.

Boléro finds that happy place between scrambled n' poppy and the lilting rises of tropicalia riffage. There's a bit of Avey Tare-like inflections, a dash of kaleidoscopic wash through the Caribbean, but like the carboxylic acids of which thier name derives, Boléro is largely comprised of the essential. With each sonic mutation and vignette contained within their cinematic excursions, The Fatty Acids prove the worth of those exploratory passages and sidestep the harms of over embellishing textures. Even when the freakout reaches apex on “Interlude (WASHAWEDOO)”, its inclusion energizes the listener for the big finish of “Human Tetris Bodies”, which opens with the same jagged riff only to burst into the album's end.

Throughout Boléro, The Fatty Acids are able to send a body into warp speeds of sonic bliss and downshift into low-flying, sedate cruises, but at the core remains an impulse to inspire movement.

The Fatty Acid's Boléro is out now.