Mister Goodnite, “Don't Trust Me”

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mister goodnite

Amid the swirling unfounded lawsuits of bigger pop acts, soul sampling and its dangerous copycat territory has been raked through recently by those looking to find issues. Mister Goodnite, a recent signee to Morning Ritual Records in the UK, is lucky to be so charming and winsome that the thought of delving deeper into his sample history seems unnecessary and strange—he hybridizes old samples with new vocals so fantastically well that it's hard to find where the vintage sound ends and the newer sound begins. Taking influence from the likes of Al Green and Ariel Pink to remixer Bullion, Mister Goodnite will be the soundtrack to your morning bliss and your night-time lowlight consensual romance or heart-heavy pining. The first track from his upcoming mixtape release, “Don't Trust Me”, utilizes press-button drops and cutouts alongside a world of light-loomed strings and simple, slick vocals. The track is avant-pop in its most beautiful, but doesn't mind paying tribute to older influences and staples. The mix is as sweet as it is perfect.

Mister Goodnite's Songs About Love or Lack Thereof will be a split release with Morning Ritual Records in the UK and Psychedelic Judaism in the US on September 16. Pick that up here (UK) or here (US), then stream “Don't Trust Me” exclusively below.