Coyote Clean Up, “Sowet Soset”

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Coyote Clean Up, Magma Mondays

Time No Place offered Impose the privilege of premiering a song of our choosing from Coyote Clean Up's second record of 2012, Magma Mondays. No pressure from publicists, no wooing us towards a particular track, just indulge in the record and take our pick – a rare privilege that led to much diress. While selecting a track to discuss from a record that pleases us greatly, front to back, proved difficult, there's much to be said about an understated opening track.

There's an engine within “Sowet Soset”. If the album's function in its seven tracks is a song for everyday of the week, then “Sowet Soset” is Monday – the genesis of the grind. “Sowet Soset” sounds like music film director's set to long panning camera shots in subways and office bullpens that squeeze the hours of 9am to 5pm into one minute. Once the rhythm is established, the grind commences into a glory-less excursion with no great pay-off. “Sowet Soset” showers, commutes, pounds black coffee, processes, produces, makes business calls, kills time on Tumblr, fantasizes about killing its boss, processes more, nods off at its desk, squeezes a day's worth of work into the final two hours, and commutes home.

You want excitement? Listen to “Rompy Exxxtreme” or “Night Aid Nightly”. This is a friggin' Monday song.

Coyote Clean Up, “Sowet Soset”

Coyote Clean Up's Magma Mondays is out November 19 on Time No Place.