Mere Mortals, Purple Fire

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Prolific multi-instrumentalist and established front man of Digital Leather, Shawn Foree, has a new project out with his wife, Rachel Grace, under the name of Mere Mortals. In the words of Foree himself: “It’s like Digital Leather, but it’s not.” With grittier pop substance that I believe has the capacity to dissolve a nail with smite (in lieu of phosphoric acid), Foree’s synthy-shiny electro-pop has evolved from digital confection to gleeful corrosion.

The Purple Fire LP dropped on Halloween, with each track a delightful bassy foray into the shadows. If Foree were Ian Curtis’ bastard son and if Curtis were also up there in the sky looking down on Mere Mortals, I think he would approve. Preview the album below and purchase the entire bundle with 6 more tracks from their Bandcamp.