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Download classic releases from the label that taught me how to give a “oohh-weeeee”

Remember when vinyl mattered? Sometime before the twilight of Rawkus records? Remember being Independent as F*ck? Remember the original pressing of Operation: Doomsday?

Those days are surely missed, much like the Stretch & Bobbito Show and Mr. Bobbito's seminal label Fondle'em Records.

Not only did Fondle'em have the dopest logo EVER, yes EVER, but it was home to heavyweights such as M.F. Doom, The Juggaknots and M.F. Grimm.

It gave start to the likes of Cage, Yak Ballz and Mhz, all of which have gone on to bigger things.

It gave homes to the criminally underappreciated like J-Treds, The Arsonists and Scienz of Life.
Fondle'em was where it all began if you wanted to get play in NYC, while keeping your feet dry of the mainstream.

If you're feeling nostalgic for the days of yore when battle raps were actually impressive and Kool Keith had yet to wear out his welcome, Philaflava has gone above and beyond the call of duty in its contribution to the preservation of an era. They put together this invaluable resource- mediafire and rapidshare links to 34 of the label's releases.

[via Philaflava]

1. FE001: Godfather Don & Kool Keith, The Cenubites EP
2. FE101: Godfather Don & Kool Keith, The Cenobites LP/CD
3. FE002: The Juggaknots, Clear Blue Skies LP
4. FE003:The Arsonists, “The Session/Halloween”
5. FE31: The Arsonists, “Blaze/Geembo’s Theme/Flashback”
6. FE004: Mr. Live, “Relax Y’self/Supa Dupa/Hunger Strike (feat. Tony Bones)”
7. FE005: Siah & Yeshua DapoED EP
8. FE0052: Siah, “Repetition/Pyrite”
9. FE006: Lord Sear, “Alcoholic Vibes” b/w Stak Chedda, “My Hindu Love”
10. FE007: Cage, “Radiohead/Agent Orange”
11. FE72: Cage, “Mersh/4 Letter Word”
12. FE008: emmeffdume – dedbnt,gassdraus,hay
13. FE0082: emmeffdume – gahreenbax,gohwitdafloh
14. FE83: kayemmdee – blakbastids ruhffs n rairz eepee
15. FE84: kayemmdee – wuttaniggeeno,kohnstip8d munkeez,kewethree
16. FE85: emmeffdume – damyke,rehdngoled
17. FE86: emmeffdume – ahhparayshun duhmzdaye og
18. FE87: subareohcee,kayemmdee – sowndidlykarok,stahpsmohkendatschitt
19. FE009: Scienz of Life, “Powers of Nine Ether/The Anthem”
20. FE91: Scienz of Life, “Metaphysic/2000 and What to Expect!”
21. FEMF1: MF Grimm, “Do It For The Kids/Bloody Love Letter”
22. FEMF2: MF Grimm, “Landslide Remix/Tick Tick”
23. FEMF3: MF Grimm, “WWIII/Scars & Memories”
24. FETBC: The Boulevard Connection, Sut Min Pik EP
25. FENH1: Da Nuthouse, “A Luv Supreme/Synapsis/Very Vocabulary”
26. FEMHZ1: MHz (MegaHertz), “World Premier/Camu”
27. FEMHZ2: MHz (MegaHertz), “Rocket Science (feat. Jakki Tha Mota Mouth)/Magnetics/Absolutely Posolutely”
28. FEJT1: J-Treds, “Make It Happen/Praise Due”
29. FERO1: Rok One, “Certified Superior/Ninety Degrees A Piece”
30. FECK1: DJ Eli & Shan Boogs (Cloudkickers), “And So Kiddies… (feat. Cage) / Truly Gifted Ones (feat. Yeshua DapoED, J-Treds & Pumpkinhead)”
31. FEJAKK1: Jakki Tha Mota Mouth, “Widespread (feat. Copywrite of MHz)/The Chosen”
32. FEMEG: Megalon, “One In A Million/Peace To The Homeless”
33. FESA1: <a href=””>Cashless Society, “Blazetha Breaks” / Mizchif, “Place For A Wife”
34. FEYAK1: Y@k Ballz, “HomePiss/Nasty or Nice/The Plague/Flossin”