Crate Digger: Mighty Sparrow lusts for Mr. Walker's money in 1968

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Mighty Sparrow, a.k.a. Slinger Francisco, is one of the world's greatest Calypso musicians, and he's still going strong. (73 years old, and he has a website.) Back in 1968 he released a record called Calypso Carnival (called just Sparrow at the time), for which the B-Side has a pretty amazing opener in the tune “Mr. Walker.” While I found a synthesized version online, I haven't stumbled on any big band takes. Those tweaky soca-influenced keyboards don't have much on Ron Berridge's big band. You can really hear Sparrow burning with human longing for Mr. Walker's daughter as he sings “She ugly, yes, but she wearing them expensive dress. / The people say she ugly, but her father full of money.”

You can almost taste the Trinidadian dollars.

Sparrow, “Mr. Walker”