Danny Brown joins la musica familia de Harry Fraud

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Danny Brown

With talks of Old heating up, Danny Brown snuck a track called “#HottestMC” onto Soundcloud the same day the Internet is buzzing about MTV's Hottest MCs In The Game list. We endure Kanye West's bothered feelings of being #7 and Big Sean being #6 despite being on “Clique”, the hottest radio song of last summer. We look at the link to “Pill thinks Future should be listed higher” but carry on with our lives and we breath a little sigh of relief that Meek Mill is on his way out of our lives entirely at #10. Danny Brown won't grace the list until Fool's Gold gets a silent investor to pony up the payola it takes to be on MTV's radar beyond Weird Vibes cameos.

Q: What's it cost to get the #10 spot on the Hottest MCs In The Game list?

A: A meek mill(ion).

We cool our rage at the Westminster Rapper Show clogging our Twitter feed and focus on Danny Brown, capitalizing off the trending topic with a track that solidifies his place in our minds and hearts that he's deserving of the accolades on skill alone. He's still calling himself the Hybrid, he's still blindsiding us with punches like “I'm hotter than Andre Rison with Left Eye”, and he's still rapping like he bet his life, only now he's treating his next rhyme like we treat our next dime.