Dear Blanca, “Some Hearts Never Heal”

Justin Hernandez

We’ve got the second single off of Dear Blanca’s second EP of 2016 for you. The song is entitled “Some Hearts Never Heal” and the album it comes from is To Tell A Half-Truth, set to drop September 16. And if Dear Blanca wasn’t busy enough after a year of opening for Bernie Sanders, two national tours, and two albums (the other being March’s I Don’t Mean to Dwell), songs like this will definitely keep them busier as it will no doubt garner them even more attention and listeners


“Some Hearts Never Heal” is an intense, raw ballad that is still rock and roll at heart. With instrumentation that highlights the strength of the lyrics’ intimacy, the track propels itself forward with unabashed emotion. Complete with strings and piano, the song courses along building but not breaking as it eschews reaching some huge climax in favor of harrowing and tension filled moments that are ultimately more powerful and cathartic than any drop could ever be.

The album itself is a posthumous songwriting collaboration between Scott Crane (the uncle of Dear Blanca bassist Cam Powell) and lead singer/guitarist Dylan Dickerson with Dear Blanca interpreting Crane’s poetry through fully realized compositions. Though an obviously personal endeavor, the album is indisputably universal as it touches on themes and emotions that are part and parcel to the human experience. “Some Hearts Never Heal” is a quintessential example of this with lyrics that portray deeply specific thoughts and ideas in such a particular and earnest way that they become relatable and understandable to us all.

Dear Blanca’s To Tell a Half-Truth is set for a September 16 release on Post-Echo Records and is available for pre-order now. You can follow Dear Blanca on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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