Deltron 3030, “City Rising From The Ashes”

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Deltron 3030

Arguably one of the greatest hip hop conept records of all time (seriously, I'll argue with you any time, any place), is finally getting a follow-up. On “City Rising From the Ashes”, Deltron Zero (aka Del The Funkee Homosapien) states it's the year 4010, placing the follow-up just shy of a millenium older than the debut. Funny, it feels that long with talks of Event II beginning in 2004, a missed original release date in 2007 and Kid Koala shouting out various months this year – all wrong.

The debut of “City Rising From The Ashes”, the lead single from Event II, comes with the release date of September 17, 2013. Some will recall that “Pay The Price” dropped a few months ago – which should make that the lead single, but give “City Rising…” a listen and tell us which you'd prefer make the album.

On “City Rising…” we learn a great deal from Deltron Osiris, kin to Deltron Zero (remember it's nearly a millenium later), regarding why the supergroup has returned. Mother nature has spared a chosen few, theives run wild, and the President can't be trusted, but all is not lost because Deltron Osiris knows he's got a legacy to live up to. It's the type of redemption track Deltron 3030 needs to convince naysayers that Dan The Automator, Del, and Kid Koala still got plenty of fuel in the spaceship.