Deniro Farrar + Shady Blaze, Kill Or Be Killed

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Kill Or Be Killed

Green Ova linked up with North Carolina for an intercontinental record made purely from trading music across the Great Plains and beyond. Shady Blaze and Deniro Farrar have never met in person, but one simple philosophy binds them: kill or be killed.

Kill Or Be Killed, just in the name walks that fine line of glorification and exploitation, but Shady and Deniro are not seeking the delinquent, nihilist path of Chief Keef. “Kill On Sight” is over the top, thanks to an epic production from Oswin SM, but with the help of ST 2 Lettaz and a syrupy Ryan Hemsworth beat on “43 Hours” Deniro and Shady wade through the moral ground of hustling. Blaze brings along his Main Attrakionz homies for “All The Way” and “Fallen Soldiers”, along with plenty of Ova-beatmakers like Nem270, Friendzone, and Keyboard Kid. It's easy to get caught up in name dropping the friends Deniro and Shady invite into Kill Or Be Killed, but this is a defining record for both artists. Despite only making acquaintance on Skype video chats, the two rappers discovered a wealth of common ground in street philosophies, relationship woes, and seeking a better life than the ones they came from.

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