Dirty Beaches, “Danseur De Ballet”

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hotel ep

Amid the anticipation for Drifters/Love Is the Devil, the new double album from moodscape impresario Dirty Beaches, an added bonus hits the airwaves under the title “Danseur De Ballet”. The distributor to put out Dirty Beaches' latest in Japan, Big Love, will also be throwing in a four-song EP called Hotel EP with it. All of the tracks on the extra EP are piano instrumentals that Alex Zhang Hungtai recorded and wrote in hotels around Europe, and the first showing is a beautiful, neoclassical composition that glides along morosely in a cloud of echoes. It's typical Dirty Beaches in that it makes you feel from below depths that you're used to, but it strays away from the standard by expressing so much in such limited constraints. There is only piano and a tinge of reverb making for one track of what could be a lovely accompaniment to the latest Dirty Beaches offering.

The song is available for download and to stream here.