DJ Harrison, “Stereo Out Mix”

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For the rap producer, “DJ Shadow approved” is one of the highest praises that can be bestowed upon their music. For Richmond, VA’s DJ Harrison it’s a reality. He opened for Shadow and Cut Chemist on the Renegades of Rhythm tour, which caught the ear and “A&R” mind of Shadow to consider DJ Harrison for his Liquid Amber label. In December DJ Harrison released his Liquid Amber debut, Songs From The Black Water, on cassette. No stream. No iTunes or Spotify. Strictly raw, ancient age beatmaking for the tape deck.

“Stereo Out” is a collection of live takes reworking the angles once frozen in the tape spools of the Songs From The Black Water cassette. DJ Harrison is live and direct on the mix, a philosophy he discussed in an interview with Passion of the Weiss. Call it the Prince approach. DJ Harrison wants every song to capture a moment and for those that came for the music there is no short changing that experience. His beat tape is both traditional and dynamic. The best he has to offer is captured in that moment, but those moments are not static or frozen by loops or digital stems. DJ Harrison’s tools are of the original trade: MPC, 8-track, Triton rack, Moog, etc. “Stereo Out” revisits his record like a comedian might treat old material. The possibility of new discovery within your work is only possible if you keep tinkering and toying with familiar territory.

Songs From The Black Water is available on cassette at Liquid Amber.