WINGTIPS, “Ultravision”

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If you’re excited about the announcement of a new Pet Shop Boys album, or you wished for a little more from last year’s Erasure LP, you might want to spend some time with WINGTIPS, the Chicago DIY new wave/post-punk/’80s-style dance-pop project that’s just as catchy and sincere and comes from a similar bubbly, queer, unique viewpoint as those vaunted names. The title track from last year’s Ultravision LP, which you can listen to below, could happily fill a dancefloor with the young and glittery as well as us older folks who’ve been hanging on the edges waiting for the DJ to play “A Little Respect” for the second time that night.

Like Vitamin D for your ears, listen to “Ultravision” below:

Ultravision is available on cassette (and digital download) from WINGTIPS’ Bandcamp page.