Doin' dishes and makin' wacky playlists with the American Dollar

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This track list plays with the notion of repetition and motif inherent in ambient music and is pretty weird looking on my iTunes playlist. Has anyone ever seen someone play with the format like this? The silky ambient drones that make up the American Dollar's fourth official release are actually culled from their second and third full-length releases into a sort of compilation they're calling Ambient One. The Queens-based artist has been releasing material under the American Dollar moniker since 2006, and his previous output has been pretty spot-on post-rock instrumental music. Ambient One is therefore a deliberate right-turn towards a few tracks that would make Brian Eno proud, and a few others that are great for “reading, writing, cleaning and flying but not arithmetic, unless you like math” (his words, not ours). Buy the release at Linus Records

The American Dollar, “Starscapes (1)”