Dream Joints – “Nothing”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Wild Wild Wets member debuts mesmerizing video off his latest solo record

Dream Joints is the solo moniker of Mike Turi, a member of the wily San Diego psychedelic band Wild Wild Wets. Turi has a handful of releases under his belt as Dream Joints, including his excellent latest record SIOLENCE, which was recorded both at home and on a “strange trip” in the Yucca Valley. Today, Impose is thrilled to premiere the video for album highlight “Nothing,” which was directed with eye-popping aplomb by Christopher Carroll.

“Nothing” is a synthy, pulsating track with a hypnotic and celestial vibe to it, which becomes accentuated through the video’s quirky visual palette – a collage of trippy, splicing animated landscapes, ominous patterns, and one menacing-looking crow.

SIOLENCE is out now (and available in “concrete forest” vinyl) via Turi’s label Yeah Yeah Blah Blah Records. You can purchase it HERE and feast your eyes on the video for “Nothing” below: