Facs – ‘Void Moments’

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Chicago post-punk trio transcends on swirling & psychedelic new LP

We’ve been huge fans of Chicago art rock trio Facs since we first heard their 2018 debut album Negative Houses. Since then they’ve dropped the hypnotic and riveting Lifelike EP and wowed us with the trippy collage-like video for recent single “Teenage Hive.” Now they’re taking us to crunchy and psychedelic new heights with their feverish, spiraling new album Void Moments, out today via Trouble In Mind Records.

Full of ominous and propulsive post-punk rhythms and staticky instrumentals, the album continues Facs’ creative hot streak. Opening track “Boy” features frenetic, pulsating percussion and spindly guitar melodies, a chaotic swirl that fades effusively into the driving ripper “Teenage Hive.” The dark, simmering goth ballad “Casual Indifference” feeds throaty, processed vocals alongside reverby basslines, really exploring the track’s murky sonic crevices to transfixing effect. And then there’s the throttling percussion-driven noise tapestry “Lifelike” followed by the screechy unfurling climax of “Dub Over,” a final one-two punch that brings the album to its cathartic end. It’s another imposing effort and triumph for Facs.

You can purchase Void Moments HERE and sample it below.