FMLY Fest 2011 is almost here

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FMLY Fest 2011 is taking place in LA on Dec 29-30 and it's coming with the usual acoutrements: at least 43 bands, four artist projects, three workshop presenters, and 3 free food givers! Hang THAT on your Christmas tree, LA! Also, it's apparently the first completely solar-powered D.I.Y. festival ever.

Other things FMLY Fest has:

A wonderful flyer, created in collaboration between Nag Champoy and Adam Rothman (view larger version):

A high-quality free mixtape:

A sentimental commercial featuring at least one dancing hippie:

FMLY Fest 2011 from FMLY on Vimeo.

And a lovely Tumblr, from which you can buy tickets! Each ticket buyer is entered in a contest to win a bike (you might have to pedal it to generate electricity for the festival, they don't say). Stay tuned for more coverage from FMLY fest in the next week.