FMLY Fest 2012 Comes to Brooklyn

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FMLY Fest's LA history is sealed and vaunted in the memories of the community there. The opposite of corporate boing-fests like Northside, FMLY is just a bunch of kids, getting together, having long talk-it-out meetings, and eventually getting it done with no help and no money except what they can generate by themselves. Because of this, it's probably one of the few summer festivals that will be legitimately and wholesomely fun.

In addition, the lineup is full of fantastic bands that Impose hypes all the time through our nationwide eyeglasses, but never get to see, like Pressed And, Alligator Indian, and Cough Cool. The festival will take place from June 21 through June 23, with day shows and night shows in different places, including a park, a roof, a basement, and Shea Stadium. Passes are $15 if you buy them now, but they are gonna be $20 closer to the actual shows. They also started a really adorable program called Adopt-A-Band, where lovely residents of Brooklyn can sign up to house the artists traveling from afar for the festival.

Here's a mix of 48 artists playing the festival, and the schedule is below.

Verbs, Alpha MC, Alaskas, Human Resources, Sea Glasses, Cuddle Formation
FRIDAY, 6/22
by day: 13 Thames [info]
Megafortress, Mutual Benefit, Michael Parallax, Little Spoon, Alligator Indian, Weekends, Lands & Peoples, Bananas Symphony, Jack Littman, Vision Quest, Maximino, Fables
by night: Shea Stadium [info]
Pressed And, Truman Peyote, Many Mansions, Farms, Yohuna, Brown Bread & Von Holt
by day: Bohemian Grove [info]
Catamaran, Vacation Dad, Emily Reo, Merlin Monroe, the Spookfish, Winks, Cough Cool, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Body Cheetah, Surfin’ Serf, Warcries, Freecare
by night: Shea Stadium [info]
Messy Sparkles, Birthdays, Persona La Ave, Hear Hums, Bayatas, Chiffon