Frankie Cosmos, “Birthday Song”

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frankie cosmos

Frankie Cosmos's Greta Kline has already proven that she's one of a kind—on her debut album's first single, “Owen”, her lyrical playfulness is matched in quality by her ability to craft catchy melodies, and she does it all like she's standing right next to you. On Zentropy's second single, “Birthday Song”, Kline is even more likable—with lyrics like “I hate everybody in this town / so I walk around with my head down”, she manages to convince the listener through sugary sweet vocals that she has a sharp side, which is impossibly clear from her songwriting skill, which combines a little of that K Records bedroom pop goodness with a savvy intellect fitting for today's dastardly world.

Zentropy, Frankie Cosmos's first studio full-length, will release on Double Double Whammy on March 4.