Fred Paa Jord – “Bysykkel”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Instrumental bliss for the summer months, courtesy of the Norwegian four-piece

Norwegian four-piece Fred Paa Jord are all about good vibes, love and peace to all humans. Describing their sound as “peaceful music for peaceful people,” you can hear exactly where that approach comes from in their new single “Bysykkel.” It’s a fully instrumental piece full of one thing and one thing only: seriously good vibes. Part psychedelic rock, part electronica, part joyful indie, the track is a hybrid of styles that work together to create something truly beautiful. 

The band first started with drummer and guitarist Anders Winsents and Per Elling Kobberstad jamming together in their room. They both shared a passion for lo-fi sounds and recordings from around the globe and wanted to translate this into their own unique indie sound. The band is named after one of their first demos, which literally translates to “Peace on Earth.”

Fred Paa Jord describe the track as a tribute to the city bike and summer afternoons. If you have any layers of stress in your life today, I seriously recommend you get listening to this one below: