From Hot Heat to Wolf Parades to the Moon, DeCaro's declaration of independence…

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I like this one: Dante DeCaro was in Hot Hot Heat. He toured with them, he recorded with them, he got real corporate with em. Then he left them, sick of the nonsense of majors and the faltering commercial viability of tired rock formulas. Playing solo-style and based out of Victoria Island, British Columbia, he developed a bunch of songs with hometown friends before hooking up with Alren Thompson in Montreal, drummer for Wolf Parade. One severely buzzed and blogged on Wolf Parade album later, now as their official guitarist, it seems Dante DeCaro's having a time of it trying to avoid the travails of recognition and success. Poor him. Hopefully these indie rockers are more what he had in mind when he left Hot Hot Heat.

Or maybe not. He's about to put out the first album for his own hometown band, Johnny and the Moon, a rambling exercise in folk built in a barn with friends and unusual instrumentation choices- from garbage can percussion to saxophones and wind chimes. They've supported Wolf Parade and will probably do it again. Check out their music at their myspace page.

01 Green Rocky Road
02 Kid Heaven
03 The Ballad of Scarlet Town
04 Johnny and the Devil
05 When You’re All Alone
06 All Things Gonna Come Back Around
07 Little Red Cat
08 Oleanna
09 Scarlet Town pt.II
10 Tamed a Lion
11 When I Die