Gal Pals, “Ex-Marionette”

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Austin natives and Los Angeles-based Gal Pals are a duo consisting of two gals (who I assume are pals) making the jumpy brand of guitar pop we’ve come to associate with that good garage jangle Ty Segall has blessed us with in recent years. Gal Pals are prepping their debut album off PaperCup Music next year, and you can hear the first taste below.

“Ex-Marionette” is one of those guitar rock epics that has you dreaming of a sunny beach, or some other summer-related image. It’s a four-chord slammer, with these awesome little breaks in the middle to amp up the tension. Hopefully Gal Pals will bring back some warmth in February when the album drops, because by then we’ll surely need it.

Velvet Rut will be available on February 24, stream “Ex-Marionette” below.