Geographer, “Kites”

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animal shapes ep

The 7″ single is nearly a year old, but we're not certain you're paying
attention, even after an “Undiscovered Bands You Need To Hear Now”
endorsement from SPIN magazine. C'mon ya'll, it's only dance pop!

Geographer recently re-released its Animal Shapes EP with additional remixes by Limousines and Wallpaper, but we're still digging on the OG-version of “Kites”. The San Francisco trio (almost wrote treat, still would have been appropriate) cope with songs of tragedy by placing them atop epic synth-pop arrangements that fall out to cellist Nathan Blaz's mournful bow sways, only to regain its footing once again for redemptive break-beat outros. Geographer are clearly a band that's coming into its own, after years of honing its skills in the SF clubs.

The Limousines' “Kite” Remix and Wallpaper's “Paris” Remix are streaming on Tricycle Records here.

Geographer will play Milk Bar in SF on September 10. The Animal Shapes EP is out now on Tricycle Records.

Geographer, “Kites”