After a four-song summer cycle, Glass Gang show their faces on “Awake”

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The covert cloak of Brooklyn's subversive Glass Gang reveals their first open-eyed glance with “Awake”. Completing a self-destined, clever, well-planned and well-thought out campaign; they conclude their first cycle four-pack that is joined by the preceding singles, “The Fall“, “Time” and “Waves“. The tricks they have shown on the previous three combine together here in the awakening of a new kind of consciousness that redefines sleep apnea.

The drum and bass rhythm machines gets switched on with finger snap punctuations. The Gang continues to place the guitar anywhere they deem fit in the mix, sometimes in the foreground, at other times strumming in the backdrop of their soundscape. Muted howls invite the post-industrial complexes like abandoned factories left to rust only to return to a new use by new adept inhabitants and titans that represent a new industry. Like the climax of every cult 80s film where the confrontation with the antagonist is held in a warehouse of doom; this is a song where the mechanical factory workers wield the machinery to do their own bidding with the heavy lidded sleepless refrain of “…stay awake…” Keep an ear and eye on future things to come from Glass Gang.