Quelle Chris, “Super Fuck”

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Quelle Chris Ghost At The Finish Line

Quelle Chris' upcoming full length Ghost At The Finish Line features production contributions from The Alchemist, Oh No, Denmark Vessey, and Knxwledge, but lead single “Super Fuck” is Quelle being self-sufficient. The sinister bassline and haunting ping might lead some into thinking “prod. by The Alchemist”, but naw, Quelle Chris acts as master of ceremony and board of directors – tagging on an outtake joke that adds court jester to his 360 degree dominance.

Had Kanye West attempted the concept of sex as a workout it would have been filled with juvenile lines fit for the “Groaner of the Week” section in Rap Genius' Lines of the Week feature. Under the penmanship of Quelle Chris, “Super Fuck is direct without being raunchy which – excluding Danny Brown – is indicative of Detroit rappers that tend to keep the wordplay tightly knit rather than risking it on shock value. Between the oh-ohhh calls (which harken back to De La Soul's “A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays”), Quelle Chris treats the track like he's its personal trainer, closely monitoring its form and diet.

Quelle Chris' Ghost At The Finish Line is out October 29 on Mello Music Group.