Because BP and the government won't do it.

Derek Evers

SOlid PR Benefit show for the gulf oil spill

a solid show for a solid cause

The dudes over at SolidPR are solid people. Pun intended.

I know this first hand because they've been constantly on the horn trying to pull together a benefit show for the clean-up and relief effort of the yet-to-be-stopped oil leak down in the Gulf. Sure, it's easy to bitch about it on Facebook, but what have you done to actually get involved? Well, now you can stop feeling guilty and put your money to the cause while venting your aggression watching some great heavy, noise bands.

On extremely short notice (hint, hint BP), the dudes pulled together an amazing bill, including Zs, Child Abuse, Controlled Bleeding, Cellular Chaos, Weasel Walter and Chris Weingarten (DJ 1000TimesYes). And with the help of Shea Stadium, 100% of the proceeds will go to The Greater New Orleans Foundation, which was put in place to offer assistance to those in need of help. As they point out, if you're interested in learning more, please visit We strongly suggest going and dropping a few dimes on an otherwise boring Wednesday.

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