People's Temple's effortless cool

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The People's Temple

Sure, People Temple did choose a song title that's already oozing with references (the Dylan song, the Dip Set honcho, the massacre), but that doesn't mean anyone can pull this off.

When something “oozes” with cool, just imagine a leaking oil pipe on the bottom of the ocean that can't be stopped. People Temple's “Jim Jones” is a bad case, threatening to contaminate every square in a three hundred mile radius with a pair of choking-black Ray Bans and toxic Marlboro Red fumes (though maybe we can save everyone from the industrial-grade hair gel).

People's Temple, “Jim Jones”

The track is by its nature actually something of a theme song for the band, since the Jim Jones in question refers to the founder of Jonestown and its People's Temple, as well as the instigator of the infamous mass suicide that passed in Guyana.

The song makes the last track on a recent HoZac EP that also includes two equally bad ass tracks, “Machine” and “Make You Understand”.