Happy Diving, “Sad Planet”

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San Francisco sludge-poppers Happy Diving have only been together for a year, but they already have plenty to show for it. Early in 2014 they released a self-titled EP consisting of four loaded, energetic tracks. Then a month ago, we showed you “Weird Dream” from their forthcoming debut LP Big World, full of big riffs and sleepy vocals.

The second single, “Sad Planet,” is downtempo in comparison, an frustrated love anthem set to a layering of bright guitar riffs that break out into a sludgy, distorted hook. It’s hard not to think of Weezer’s vocal melodies when singer Matt Berry slides up and back down the scale with sluggish surf punk intonation, singing, “I’m the one who’s so in love with feeling like he’s not enough… when you call and say that you’ve got better things to do.” A straightforward, sincere rock tune about wanting to go out on the weekend with someone you like maybe too much, it brings back all the feelings of youthful angst you thought you forgot.

Big World, produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Whirr), is due out October 21 through Father/Daughter Records. They’ll be playing an album release show at 1-2-3-4 Go! in Oakland, CA alongside Big Ups, LVL UP, and Fish Breath.