Hear a piece of Hubble's debut LP

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Hubble is Ben Greenberg

Yesterday the royal we glossed through the latest release from Brooklyn's avant skronk survivors Zs, and today we present you the lead-off leak to Zs member Ben Greenberg's debut solo album under the moniker Hubble. The surprising thing here is that Greenberg has expanded from his original formulation for Hubble, which up til the previewing of this track consisted entirely of a massive pile of guitar arpeggios and intricate patterns and their delayed reverberations (at least for these ears). For “Nude Ghost” we're privy to a new Hubble universe in which sexed up beats and space-synths glide over the ever-present guitar undulations that might fairly be described as Greenbergian. (Those beats and synths come from a few days playing with Joe Williams (White Williams), Jon Leland (Janka Nabay, Skeletons) and Matt Papich (Ecstatic Sunshine).)

Hubble's self-titled debut LP is out on Northern Spy on November 8. Apparently the video below was made “in collaboration with Tiffany Borders of NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).” (!!)