Hot Sugar, “0__0”

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Moon Money EP

The name Hot Sugar has haunted me at every turn, since appearing on Big Baby Gandhi's No 1 2 Look Up mixtape. It took the form of a wizard wand in his video for “#MindControl”. It took the form of a beat lent to Open Mike Eagle for his most recent EP. It took the form of lounging on a Cadaillac, sporting a mink, in Gandhi's “Been A Villain” video. (I'm also just learning he produced “Sleep” from The Roots' undun record.) Now, it's taken the form of permission to debut the second single from his upcoming Moon Money EP.

Much like “#MindControl,” Hot Sugar builds his midi-beats as though a storyline is streamlining through his creator's sector. A hushed, sensual moan sparks the first rise in action. As the coos become digitized, Hot Sugar alters the path once again into a Zelda land, as though Link stumbled upon a king's harem and was met with shoulder rubs and carafes of wine in his mouth. The title, “0__0” suggests a happy ending and if you've never interacted with a 20-year old, that's a smiley face.

Hot Sugar's Moon Money EP is out May 14 on Ninja Tune.