Hotel St. George

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Hotel St. George

San Diego came out of the fuggin' woodwork in the first week of the new year to denounce the beach punk ethos of the past two years with Writer and Tape Deck Mountain gracing the homepage. Is everyone down there fed up with us lovingly calling you bros?

Hotel St. George is next to step up to the podium, state its name and proclaim “I shall not wear Wayfarers and sing about ocean sediment.” The band home recorded “Like A Tiny Grasshopper” on a microphone borrowed from Writer, so you know they are brrrr… friends or amigos. HSG was described by its label Hop Skip Jump Records as “Guided by Voices with Orange Juice vocals.” We'll allow it. In fact, we'll champion it as flat out bitchin', since HSG can write a darn good song about counteracting the malaise of insignificance by way of a 360-dunk, or at least that's what we took from it.

Hop Skip Jump Records is dropping its A Dreaming California tape soon, which features Hotel St. George alongside bands from San Diego and San Francisco. Cop that shit.

Hotel St. George, “Like A Tiny Grasshopper”