Idiot Glee, “Swimming Pool”

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idiot glee

The remarkably prolific artist known as Idiot Glee (real name: James Friley) has released a panoply of interesting LPs, EPs, and cassettes, all with the express purpose of making us think inwardly, deep within the bedroom. On his latest, however, with a full band, the sound is much more upfront and outgoing—the full band gives Idiot Glee an entirely new life, though not exactly new to the man himself. Using Neil Young-inspired melodies and deep South country vibes, there's no doubt that Friley is referencing the ghosts of a musical past, but with an updated spin. His touching into psychedelic territory shows that his updated approach has modern influences, as well, taking inspiration from a reupped interest in all that droney guitar has to offer us.

You can stream “Swimming Pool” below, then look to Burger Records for the forthcoming new Idiot Glee tape soon.