Totoake, “Make It Work”

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The brighteyed and bushytailed Totoake surprised us this fall with a self-released stunner of a track in “Anyways (Ladada)”. Seeming to have arrived out of thin air, the joy of hearing a self-released song so perfectly crafted felt like a lark—that is until a second delivery came down the pipeline. This time we have “Make It Work”, a definitively grungier and crispier jam, given its bedroom roots, whose chorus expands and bubbles into joyous indiepop at its early 00s height. This one sounds much fuller and reflects on artists like Maritime and Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, as well as Throw Me The Statue, but magnificently holds its own just as easily.

You can stream “Make It Work” below, then wait patiently for future deliveries from the Santa Cruz musician.