Idiot Kid, Stick Your Head in the Water EP

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idiot kid

Among the ephemera of the internet, it's easy to see how things could get lost. Not enough of the “right people” clicking, too few “shares,” or just a general disdain for the building of hype. We at Impose shudder at the word hype. An EP dropped today from Philadelphia natives Idiot Kid, and though it's been supposedly in the works—then no longer in the works—for over nine months, it comes to us today like a newborn. It's shiny, fresh, likable, and we shall call it Stick Your Head in the Water. Six songs of troubled scuzzpop, Idiot Kid takes elements of 00s emo and a healthy dedication to a compressor, and works up tracks that are full of earworms, little melodies that nuzzle behind your ears and remind you that your feelings are valid. We've never been gladder that this collection saw the light of day.

But don't take our word for it—listen below and, you know, go throw some bones their way.