Iglooghost, “Frenchopen” (feat. Milo)

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The siesmic impact of Flying Lotus, Daedelus, and the Low End Theory residents has been an international phenomenon; this is nothing new. As 18-year old producers rise from the bedroom oblivion via Bandcamp albums and rap collaborations, it's become increasingly apparent the days of citing DJ Premier as a primary influence are long gone, replaced by the life-altering “first time I heard Los Angeles” experience.

Irish-born by way of England producer Iglooghost is most likely of that crop. His glitched-out jazz-fusion production thrives on those loungey textures, which he's lent to milo for his Scallops Hotel record Poplar Grove and Kool A.D.'s Not O.K. mixtape. Later this month he'll release Treetunnels, an instrumental debut of crackling lo-fi suites that shuffle and serenade in a manner built for headphones or the Low End Theory stage. Iglooghost enlisted the help of milo on “Frenchopen”, crafting a speciality space for milo to ruminate on fears of water slides, spam folders, and because nothing is off the table with milo, flatulence. It's a mid-album collaboration that functions as a teaser for milo's next record, which based on a recent tweet is produced entirely by Iglooghost.

Iglooghost's Treetunnels is out January 28 on Error Broadcast.