Stream three new tracks from Toronto duo Imposter(s)

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In the spirit of mystery artists and mystery bands, we present an inside listen and look at Toronto duo, Imposter(s). A two piece with lofty claims and vague origins, they have released their First single out of three on Rare Beef; with Second and Third soon to follow. Upon releasing all three EPs with three featured tracks; it will comprise the release of their upcoming album and the identities of Imposter(s) might then — or might not be revealed. As we enjoy the singles and videos for “Imposter”, “Inside Out” and “Dead Prez”, listen to hear if that tell-tale countertenor nasal falsetto reminds you of any prominent Canadian vocalist, or if the production adheres to any recognized or familiar empirical states of sound. We will leave the detective to work to you, as you enjoy the three songs from First set to the grainy video allure of alternative late evening fashion shoots.


Imposter(s) first announced their presence with the seductive model-mirror dances on the introductory b/w boudoir beat of, “Imposter”. From dress up games to the undulating solo dances of sexed up urgency; Imposter(s) masquerade the lives of impersonated existences to the chorus tune of, “your blood is thicker than water, but you treat me like an imposter.” The disguises run deep, in the identity effacing erotic encounters that play double blinded games of sport in the hollow hearts of lonely highway hotels.


Keeping the beat galloping darkly and gallantly; get “Inside Out” with the the chant of, “got my heart on my chest and my thoughts outside my head.” The video takes on a vagarious and dizzying photo shoot with lightning quick writhing moves while striking seductive poses. As the rhythm, refrain, and model dance on; Imposter(s) remain obscured while catching you in the act of pondering the aspects of inner and outer beauty and other self-esteem projections.


On “Dead Prez”, the low lit b/w scenario drapes more intimate moments with Imposter(s)' number one, go-go gal. Those familiar voices croon over the rows of electronic rhythm about, “consequence of pain”, to the old money-power-player resentment, and fading of confidance. Like all three of these videos that make up all three of the tracks found on First; the dark leering session starts soft and sensual and slowly descends into the frenetic, seedy strobe photo flashes. The intimate bedroom dance, rhythm and blues keeps the entire affair sweet and sordid with dirty money tied up in the fold in the tether to the former fallen and despised world leaders that make up the money trails that display the visages of yesterday's despots.

Through foreign cable exchanges and go-betweens, we were able to have the following chat with the elusive and mysterious pair. Cryptic language and insight abounds:

How did Imposter(s) form?

Out of necessity. Out of bravery. Out of desire to create.

What inspired the low-lit, boudoir video for your songs?

The videos were conceived in a pre-Beyonce / post-R.Kelly climate. There are videos for all of the songs that are interconnected. First in parts three. Then Second and Third to follow. All told, make Nine.

What Imposter(s) releases are in the works?

First can be heard and seen. Second soon. Third will follow.

Can you break down the construction, creation and inspiration behind these three jams?

“Imposter”: This is the time we waste. This is the masquerade. Blood is thicker than water.

“Inside Out”: Got my heart on my chest. Thoughts outside my head.

“Dead Prez”: Consequence of pain. The confidence will fade.

What's next for Imposter(s)?

More creating. More writing, collaborating, listening, filming, watching, absorbing and marinating. More punching and fucking and fighting our way in and out of this world. Second will be shared soon. Third will follow.

Imposter(s)' single First is available now on iTunes and Rare Beef.