J GRGRY, “eFlower”

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J GRGRY‘s single, “eFlower” comes out tomorrow, but we’ve got the exclusive stream to it right here, right now, and it’s awesome. J GRGRY (pronounced Jay-Gregory) is a Seattle native and his music is shaped from that, but fitting his music into one musical genre is tricky. His bio says that his music is “equally at home yet distinctive on Alt, Rock, and Top 40 stations,” and we would have to agree.

His single, “eFlower” was produced by Robert Cheek (who’s worked with people such as Band Of Horses, Tera Melos, and Deftones) and mixed by Mark Needham (who has worked with The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and Fleetwood Mac). The song starts out mellow, shimmering, and peaceful with birds chirping in the background before the music swells, drums come in, and J GRGRY starts to sing about what seems like love and wanting someone unattainable, with lyrics like “I’m afraid I’ll want you even if they say it’s not right,” and “you make me so nervous I shake, I wanna be near you every second I’m awake.”

However, according to J GRGRY, “eFlower is a song I wrote about my struggle with alcoholism and addiction. The song touches on the aspect of being secretive and not letting people know how far down the road of alcoholism I was. The chorus is hard for me to sing live sometimes because I get so emotional when I think about how my hands would shake every day before I had my first shot and how dark life was for me then.”

J GRGRY will be playing at Capitol Hill Block Party on Sunday, July 24th (6:45pm, Barboza Stage).